Wednesday, July 29, 2009

You Can Relax Now

Have you ever watched "Inside the Actor's Studio" towards the end where James Lipton asks a set of ten scripted short answer questions? Well there is one question that goes something like this: "If heaven exists, what would you like God to say when you arrive at the pearly gates?" My answer is quite simple: You can relax now, there is no pain here and no worries, relax. How awesome would that be? Well until then here is a list of things that can help you to relax, at least for a little bit.

1. Candles--I always have a candle going when I'm in my room. My favorites are all from Yankee Candle and are Spiced Pumpkin, Spiced Cocoa, Creme Brulee, Vanilla Cookie, and French Vanilla. As you can tell I'm all about making things smell like I've baked all day long =) Savvy consumer hint: check out and see if there is a Yankee Candle outlet near you...I always make around three trips a year to our outlet just for Yankee Candle and save tons of money!

2. Hot tea-- I only drink Cozy Chamomile Herbal Tea and Mint Medley from Bigelow Tea.

3. Music-- My relaxation music is my classical playlist on my iTunes. It includes all of Bach's Brandenburg Concertos (2, 5, and 6 are my favs!), Clint Mansell (he composed some amazing songs, especially the song from Requim for a Dream), David Garrett, all the songs from the Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings soundtracks, and all of the Trans Siberian Orchestra songs. My playlist has a bunch of other pieces, but those are my go-to songs.

4. Books-- There is nothing more relaxing to me than getting lost in a fictional (or sometimes a nonfictional) world that is so different from my life and my set of problems. It's nice getting wrapped up in someone else's life.

5. Comfort Food-- Unfortunately none of my go-to comfort foods are healthy, but hey, they do the trick! =)

6. Baths-- Take a nice warm bubble bath surrounded by candles with soft peaceful music in the background.

7. Expressive Art-- This can take many many forms, but I tend to either write, scrapbook, or make art journals. Sometimes I vent out about the stresses of life or I just scrapbook about silly stuff.

8. Movie/TV Night-- Plan a relaxing night in your PJs with snacks while watching your favorite movies or television shows. My go-tos are Gilmore Girls, House, The Big Bang Theory, the Harry Potter movies, or the Lord of the Rings Triology.

9. Breathing Exercises-- The only one I find to work is this: breathe in the good and breathe out the bad. While I take a deep breathe in I visualize fields of flowers, lit candles, or a warm snuggly bed. On the exhale I breathe out all the pain, stress, and heartache from the day. It really does work!

10. Hug!-- Hugs are universally great.

What are you waiting for?! Go off and relax!


  1. You're so right Jenn, so right... and I just love the Brandenburg Concertos! Happy relaxing, friend!

  2. You area so cute! Thanks for the nice tips. I use a lot of these myself.

  3. Jenn, I love this post. I hope you don't mind I linked to it on my FibroHaven facebook page:

  4. Jenn, you are right on track!
    If I might...knitting is on my list of relaxation methods. Am going to take up quilting and weaving...not sure how relaxing that is going to be! LOL